The Estonian Evengelical Lutheran Church




Archbishop Urmas Viilma´s sermon on 20th August 2021

Arcbishop Viilma: “Freedom in its original sense is God’s gift to humankind, which each new generation can accept as a bequest from their predecessors and hand over to their successors.”

Archbishop Urmas Viilma: Our flag is an eloquent reminder that Estonia lives and breathes

Urmas Viilma, Archbishop of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church At the foot of Tall Hermann Tower, Toompea On the 30th Loe edasi »


MESSAGE on the occasion of the beginning of the investigation of the wreck of M/S „ Estonia“ in the Baltic Sea on 9 July 2021

On 26 November 1994, two months after M/S “Estonia” perished in the autumn storms in that same year on 28 Loe edasi »

Archbishop Urmas Viilma: With prayer we honour the peace of the final resting place of all whose journey remained unfinished

The site of the wreck of M/S “Estonia” was consecrated as a final place of rest for all people who Loe edasi »


Election marks first woman and first Central and Eastern European pastor to head global communion of churches

(Photo: Erik Peinar) (LWI) – The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Council has elected Estonian theologian Rev. Anne Burghardt as the Loe edasi »


Archbishop Urmas Viilma´s sermon on February 24th, 2021

“Owe no one anything, except to love one another. For the one who loves another has fulfilled the Law. /…/ Love never does anything that is harmful to its neighbour. Therefore, love is the fulfilment of the Law.” (Rom. 13:8,10)

Archbishop Urmas Viilma: our national flag was born on 4 June 1884

This year we celebrate the 140th anniversary of the colour combination blue, black and white.

On 29 September 1881, a group of nationally minded students at the University of Tartu held the founding meeting for the student section “Vironia“ at which the colours blue, black and white were chosen to represent them.