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Archbishop Urmas Viilma: Violence has no power in the face of hope and laughter

Thirty years ago, writer Viivi Luik published thoughts that are still relevant today: Violence has no power in the face of hope and laughter. /…/ It is quite possible that laughter and hope are still uncommon in Eastern Europe, because violence begets vengefulness, and a vengeful man probably sees as the most immoral a God who lets His sun shine on weeds, scoundrels and criminals as well as on roses, presidents and innocent babies.

I recall these words here at this flag raising ceremony today because I would like to draw a parallel between the official national flag that flies all over the country and God’s blessing. A human may forget or deny God, but God never does this to humans. In the same way, the blue-black-white flag flies here on the top of the Tall Hermann Tower for all people of Estonia, over all of us.

Whether we are sad or happy, disappointed or excited, angry or satisfied – no matter how we feel, the blue-black-white is and will remain the bond of colours that ties us all together. This flag has never been raised to conquer or commit violence against anybody under these colours.

Throughout history, the flag of Estonia has been a symbol of hope that brings a joyful look in the eyes and laughter lines in the corners of eyes.

Three decades ago, Viivi Luik thought that hope and laughter were still uncommon in our lands, but this is no longer the case today. It is hope, and it is joy and laughter that make it possible for us to raise this flag today over the whole nation that includes both presidents and innocent babies, where both weeds and roses sprout from the same ground, and where everyone has the freedom to be as they wish, and to think and believe what their heart feels.

Estonia is not torn apart into black and white. Estonia is blue, black and white!

May Almighty God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, bless this flag, and our free country and its leaders and people. Amen.

Urmas Viilma
Archbishop of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church
24 February 2022