The Estonian Evengelical Lutheran Church
Sermon on Independence Day – Republic of Estonia

55 years ago, on Midsummer Day of 24 June 1969, Ernst Jaakson, General Consul of the occupied Republic of Estonia in New York, sent out a letter, on an official template with Estonia’s national coat of arms, which included a single sentence, „The people of Estonia join those who hope and work for freedom and a better world.“ The day before, Ernst Jaakson had received a letter from the NASA administration with a request to invite the leaders of his country to provide a goodwill message that the US astronauts would take to the Moon. Read more »

Speech – Independence Day sunrise flag-raising ceremony

Dear friends! For 35 years we have been able to come together on Toompea to watch the solemn raising of our national flag on top of Tall Hermann Tower, accompanied by the sounds of the Estonian anthem. This fills our hearts with joy and our souls with a sense of gratitude to our forebears for the right decisions they made and for God’s blessing. Read more »

Advent Address on 7 December 2023, Tallinn Cathedral

Once again, we have entered the Advent season. We are expectant. We await the birth of the Christ child and the arrival of Christmas. We know that our expectation will be rewarded, as we can sing ‘Silent Night’ in the churches on Christmas Eve before heading home to give presents and enjoy the Christmas food. Read more »

News about church life

You can find news about church life on the e-Church web portal. Read more »

Pastoral Letter for the Day of Prayer and Beginning of Lent

We live in a controversial time when everything we see, hear or read must be handled with sensitivity and caution. Never before have so many people had countless opportunities to play with the meaning of good and evil, light and dark. Read more »

Statement of the Consistory of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church on the war in Ukraine

Any war of conquest and subjugation against an independent state and nation is a representation of evil, with its inherent drive to strip away everything that is natural, human and cherished by humanity. People are deprived of their homes; they are separated from family members and can lose everything that we see as part of human dignity. Read more »