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Archbishop Viilma: Thanks be to God – the heart of the Estonian state is in rhythm!

Independence Day sunrise flag-raising ceremony by Archbishop Urmas Viilma

on the 101st anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, 24 February 2019

Dear friends!

Thirty years ago, on February 24th, 1989, when, after many decades, a blue-black-white flag was hoisted again here at the top of Tall Hermann, the Archbishop of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church Kuno Pajula said in his words of blessing: “There is something very symbolic in this, that today morning we have gathered here on Toompea Hill at this very moment where on one side there is darkness and on the other side there is light. We have left a dark night behind us and that reminds us that every people has its own difficulties, its own struggles, its own trials and we can say that we have through our trials arrived at the light. Our people endures and we hope that it will continue to do so.

For the last three decades, early every morning a blue-black-white flag has risen here to the top of this tower and every evening at sunset, except at St. John’s Eve, has the flag been lowered. Alternated have the nights and the days, the months and the years, recounting the years of our independence. In the rhythm of the tricolour being hoisted every morning and lowered every evening we have had the symbolic heartbeat of the independent Estonian state. Be the days joyful or sad, the smile in the corner of our mouths or the tears in our eyes, a glimpse up to the flag confirms: all is well with the land and the people. Over Estonia, over all the people here in this land, beats a reassuring and steady blue-black-white pulse of the heart. Thanks be to God – the heart of the Estonian state is in rhythm!

May almighty God – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – bless this flag, our free country, its leaders and its people. Amen.

Urmas Viilma

Archbishop of EELC