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Archbishop Urmas Viilma: Blue-black-white has been the colour of the eyes of Estonians

Dear friends!

Many babies, especially in this region of the globe where Estonia is situated, are born with blue eyes. Only after some time does the colour of the eyes of some children become green, brown or grey. For others, their eyes remain blue. Looking at a person with sky-blue eyes, we see the colours of the Estonian tricolour – blue, black and white.

Blue-black-white has been the colour of the eyes of Estonians already for centuries before these three colours – blue, black and white – were sewn together to become the fabric for our flag. During the years of occupation, with the blue-black-white look in our eyes, many of us could face bravely even the most hostile of those who held Estonian independence in contempt. And against that look speaking of freedom no one could do anything.

Turning our eyes today up to the blue-black-white hoisted on the Tall Hermann Tower, we look Estonia in the eye on its birthday morning. And what is most important – our Estonia looks back upon us and all others who live here or visit our land with sincere and welcoming blue-black-white eyes.

When our blue-black-white flutters in the wind we see our homeland winking at us in a roguish and friendly way. Estonia’s wink is encouraging because it gives us a sense of security – everything is fine with our land, with our people, with our independence. Thank God!

Bless this flag, our free nation, its leaders and people, Almighty God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Urmas Viilma

EELC Archbishop

24 February 2020 

Kõne 2020_02_24 (Lipu heiskamine)_EST

Kõne 2020_02_24 (Lipu heiskamine)_RUS