The Estonian Evengelical Lutheran Church

Help Us to Build a Unique Church in Tallinn

We are offering a unique opportunity to participate in building of a new church in Tallinn, Mustamäe. Mustamäe Church is not a classical church, but more like a community centre for people living in the neighbourhood. In this building, we have gathered together many Christian activities to support and help people of all ages. Here you can find help centre for underprivileged people, community centre for elders and kindergarten. Of course, there are also rooms with excellent acoustic for conferences and concert activities. Heart of the centre is a church under which guidance all shall be brought together.

We strongly believe that involving people in every age into the church´s everyday life will give us better chance to make a difference in their lives and bring together a strong and contributory community.

Our target in funding is 2 800 000 € to build the church. Together with the great help of local municipality we have covered 1 500 000 € of the funding and with contributing companies and organizations approximately 50 000 € more.

Today we have started a competition to find best construction company to build the church. Construction works will start in the end of January 2017. By October 2017 we are planning to complete main constructions of the building.


So today we have a target to rise 1 250 000 € more to bring our plans to life and to create a church which is one of a kind in Estonia.



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