The Estonian Evengelical Lutheran Church

Compiling a new hymnal

The governing body of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church set up in 2017 a hymnal commission with the task of compiling and publishing a new hymn- and prayer book for the church by 2025. The commission is in the first phase starting to put together a conception for the hymnal for which an extensive survey of EELC clergy and musicians took place analysing the present “Church Hymn- and Prayer book” and in the process many open discussions on various subjects took place. At the moment a questionnaire amongst EELC congregational members is underway and preparations are being made for a Hymnal Conference to take place from October 26th to 27th 2018 at St. Paul’s Church in Tartu. A campaign to collect new hymns has stared and at the end of 2019 begins the selection of hymns for the new hymn- and prayer book.


The hymnal commission has set a goal to put together and publish a hymn- and prayer book that will be COMMON TO US ALL. To achieve this, a larger group of people needs to be involved in the process. One opportunity to participate is to make a donation which will help finance the costs of compiling hymnal. Most of this work is done by specialists on a volunteer basis. However there are day-to-day costs that need to be covered.


We have set the goal to collect 15.000 EUR to cover the cost of compiling the hymnal. Any possible surplus monies will be used to cover the costs of preparation for publishing and printing the hymnal in 2025.


God bless all generous donors!



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