The Estonian Evengelical Lutheran Church

Sustain the Church, support the Institute of Theology

By contributing to the education given through The Institute of Theology of the EELC, you will give your share for the growth of well-balanced and caring community in Estonia.


You have a chance to sponsor educating the future clergy, pastoral counsellors, chaplains and diaconal workers in The Institute of Theology. Your contribution will help to secure the continuation of bringing up much needed new faithful workers for the Estonian church.


The Institute of Theology has been on the education field for 70 years by now. The benefits of this work, during all these years including the present time, has found a tremendous use by all the member churches of the  Estonian Council of Churches. To prove this ecumenical uniqueness, which is special in whole Europe, we have to mention the fact that we have established an Orthodox Theology chair. In addition, we are happy that Institute has students from all confessions.


Today’s study programs will give our students a chance to become competent in the major theological disciplines and also preparation for different ministries in church, as a chaplain, as a pastoral councillor, as a social worker and  in various occupations which require a wider knowledge of Christian culture and other religions. Besides church related work places, our graduates work for the government, local municipalities, schools, hospitals, theatres and elsewhere.

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If you wish to declare your charitable donation for tax purposes in your home country, do not hesitate to ask us for proof of the amount donated.