The Estonian Evengelical Lutheran Church

Narva church and congregation

Lutheran ministry has been in Narva at least since 1544. The first Lutheran congregation in Narva was established in 1866. Aleksander Church in Narva was consecrated in 1884. During the World War II the tower part of the church was destroyed. The tower was rebuild by 2008. As a result of series of unfortunate and wrong decisions, the Aleksander Congregation of Narva went bankruptcy and lost all of its real estate and assets.


In June 22, 2016, the EELC and the Government of Estonia purchased the Aleksander Church of Narva from bankruptcy estate. In order to continue serving Lutherans in Narva, the Consistory of the EELC decided to send a pastor of the Käsmu parish, Urmas Karileet, to establish a new Lutheran  congregation in Narva. He is assisted by two vicars of Viru Deanery,  Oleg Sevastjanov (Russian speaking service) and Vladimir Batuhtin (Estonian, Finnish and Russian speaking services, including in city of Sillamäe).


New Lutheran congregation in Narva was established in September 2nd, 2016 and since November 29th, it belongs officially to the EELC.


New Lutheran congregation in Narva needs funds to start serving church members in cities of Narva and Sillamäe and in the parish of Narva – Vaivara county. New congregation had no real estate nor funds to start operations in the Aleksander Church of Narva. Church building is currently owned by Estonian State and managed on behalf of State by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is why the Consistory of the EELC asks congregations and Christians to support the new beginning of Narva Congregation with donations.


During the first year of activities the new congregation had only donations from the members. Assistance from the city of Narva for the first year was 2000 euros. The new congregations rented Aleksander Church from the State and ordered necessary repair works in order to start services in the church. Congregation has to cover maintenance costs of the church (electricity, heating, water, signalization etc). Necessary living and working conditions for the reverends needs to be arranged as well.


Services in Aleksander Church in Estonian language are every Sunday at 10.00. Services in Russian language are every Sunday at 12.00. Services in Finnish language are every II and IV Saturday at 11.00. Services in Sillamäe in Russian language are every II and IV Saturday at 15.00.


May God bless every person, congregation and organisation for their donations and intercessions.



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