The Estonian Evengelical Lutheran Church


Members of the Consistory:

1. Urmas VIILMA, Archbishop

Fields of work: the highest spiritual leader of the EELC, Estonian-speaking diaspora in the United States of America, Canada and Australia.

2. Joel LUHAMETS, Bishop of the Southern Region

Field of work: family work.

3. Tiit SALUMÄE, Bishop of the Western and Northern Region

Fields of work: media and communication, publishing, public relations, awards and recognition, Estonian-speaking diaspora in Europe and Russia, heritage and art objects, tradition and architecture.

4. Rev. Andrus MÕTTUS, Chancellor

5. Rev. Katrin-Helena MELDER, Assessor

Fields of work: mission, incl. evangelisation, internal, external and network mission, children and youth work of the church, Christian education in congregations, children’s and youth camps, confirmation and post-confirmation education and catechesis.

6. Kadri Eliisabet PÕDER, Assessor

Fields of work: international and ecumenical relations, incl. relations with partner churches and communions, cooperation in international ecumenical organisations, mapping of external relations of congregations and institutions.

7. Rev. Dr. Ove Sander, Assessor

Fields of work: diakonia as care work, incl. organised charity, social ministry in congregations and church as a whole, pastoral care, persons with special needs, social and community work, incl. public chaplaincy services.

8. Rev. Marko TIITUS, Assesor, Dean

Fields of work: education and research, worship services and church music, religious education, basic and general education in the church, higher theological education, training of lay personnel, professional and continuing training, liturgy and church music.